Text editor, syntax highlighting, java, html, perl



Text editor - Java Perl Html - Syntax highlighting

Editeur is a text editor with syntax highlighting for many languages including Java Perl and Html. Ideal for web authoring, programming, scripting, and general editing.

.txt, .ini, .bat, ada, asm, asp, c, c++, c#, cobol, corba, css, eiffel, fortran, html, java, latex, lisp, matlab, opl, pascal, perl, php, persistence of vision, progress, python, rexx, ruby, sql, tex, vb, vc, vc++, xml.

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New in this version : Workspace view to handle a list of files, Project and Files views to navigate in the files internal objects using the external program cTags, tabs to navigate between files, Swedish and Finnish translations.

Other features include a customizable toolbar, menu with icons, wheel mouse and context menu key support, drag'n'drop editing, handling of DOS Mac/OS and Unix text files, splitter windows, word wrap, line column and rectangle blocking, append to clipboard, indent unindent, bookmarks, multitext searches and replacements, recursive find in files, keystroke recording, sorting, spell checking, converting tab sizes, launching external tools, and more. Multilingual English Finnish French Italian Portuguese Russian Swedish.

To learn how to build your own custom syntax dll and get samples, download SyntPack.zip, 108 Kbytes. To translate or evaluate the work involved to translate Editeur to your own language, download LangPack.zip, 232 Kbytes. Wanted : German translation.