Editeur status

Latest additions and fixes

Added and fixed in version V5.3.4 dated 24 april 2005, 07h00 gmt
  • Changed : new registration algorithm for the EditeurX component (but not for the Editeur program!). Registered EditeurX users (not Editeur users!) please e-mail to Studioware to get your new registration info.
Added and fixed in version V5.3.2 dated 10 june 2004, 09h00 gmt
  • Fixed : insert component in VC++ does not work.
Added and fixed in version V5.3.1 dated 28 february 2004, 09h00 gmt
  • Fixed : file closed even if error when saving in file close menu.
  • Fixed : output in new file truncated when running an external tool.
  • Fixed : error message when pressing escape in the tool tip dialog.
Added and fixed in version V5.3 dated 11 november 2003, 15h00 gmt
  • Added : new icons for tags in file and project views
  • Added : support for cTags 5.5.2
Added and fixed in version V5.2 dated 7 april 2003, 08h00 gmt
  • Fixed : activeX setup problem (run-time error 8001008 when using).
  • Fixed : file history and tools menu incorrect when at least one file open.
  • Fixed : files opened several times when double clicking in the explorer.
  • Fixed : left margin not carried over to additional splitter view.
  • Fixed : crash when right clicking on iconized program.
  • Modified : new user registration code system.
  • Fixed : problem in Saving As... with Show directory option On.
  • Fixed : accented letters problem when pasting into Office.
  • Fixed : files view not updated whenever save and closing.
  • Fixed : files not to reopen not entered in the files view at startup.
  • Fixed : problem of some tags not appearing.
  • Fixed : file tags update problem in file view.
  • Fixed : new files not saved when choosing "save all".
Added and fixed in version V5.1 dated 13 february 2003, 20h00 gmt
  • Fixed : workspace not saved when quitting.
  • Fixed : made setup remove obsolete help summary files.
  • Fixed : correct syntax not found when double clicking on files with extension of more than 3 characters.
  • Fixed : better handling of network files and files with long names in Workspace.
  • Fixed : tools menu problem handling with console programs.
  • Fixed : minor bugs.
Added and fixed in version V5.0 dated 19 january 2003, 12h00 gmt
  • Added : Tabs afford navigating between files.
  • Added : The file syntax can now be chosen at creation time.
  • Added : The external tools outputs (e.g. : compiler) can be gathered into a file.
  • Added : A workspace view affords handling lists of files gathered into projects.
  • Added : The Files and Projects views afford navigating within the internal objets of the texts. What are the internal objects depend on the language : classes, functions, variables, and so on An external software is used to recognize the objects : cTags.
  • Added : Finnish language support, translation by Heikki Mattila.
  • Added : Swedish language support, translation by Mattias Wecksten.
Added and fixed in version V4.7.1 dated 17 october 2002, 20h00 gmt
  • Fixed : crash when drag'n dropping 2d file on Editeur Window
  • Added : SetLine() method in the ActiveX
Added and fixed in version V4.7 dated 30 september 2002, 20h00 gmt
  • Fixed : blank lines in print previewing
  • Fixed : ActiveX crash whenever opening html files
Added and fixed in version V4.6.9 dated 21 september 2002, 12h00 gmt
  • Fixed : problem in the NewFileAs() ActiveX method
  • Added : the RUBY syntax
  • Fixed : right part of the lines cut when printing or print previewing with margins
  • Added : the C# syntax
  • Added : new keywords to PHP syntax
  • Added : documentation of the ActiveX NewFileAs() method
  • Fixed : problem in management of external tools arguments
  • Changed : my email address (too much spam !)
  • Fixed : splitter window problem
  • Fixed : ActiveX SetFocus problem
  • Fixed : ActiveX installation problem
  • Fixed : Occasional crash in the html library
  • Fixed : ActiveX sample file forgotten in the release
  • Fixed : Find in files crash when too many files open (50 under Win9x, 300 under Win2000)
Added and fixed in V4.6 dated 1st January 2002, 11h00 gmt
  • Added : the XML, REXX, COBOL syntaxes
  • Changed : improved the FORTRAN syntax
  • Added : modifications can now be undone and redone after file saves
  • Added : a star " *" in the title bar to indicate the files modified
  • Added : form feeds now handled in printing (handy to print the RFC's)
  • Added : can now open the files used by another application
  • Added : icons for edit upper lower invert capitalize
  • Added : the $selected keyword to pass the selected text to the external tools
  • Fixed : first occurrence not replaced when choosing "replace all"
  • Fixed : a resource leak under Windows 95
  • Added : a .text property in the ActiveX control
  • Added : better drawing of the ActiveX on forms in design mode
  • Changed : installation in a directory with no version information
Added and fixed in V4.5 dated 17 November 2001, 10h00 gmt
  • Added : toolbar now customizable
Added and fixed in V4.4 dated 27 September 2001, 7h00 gmt
  • Fixed : can run only as administrator in Win2000
  • Fixed : read-only attribute not taken into account everywhere
  • Added a .manifest file for Windows XP
  • Added a DblClk event in the ActiveX
  • Added support for the PYTHON syntax
  • Added syntax handling of numbers to ADA, ASP, BASIC, .BAT, C, C++, EIFFEL, HTMLJAVA, LISP, PASCAL, PERL, POV, SQL
  • Fixed : toolbar disappearing after printing
  • Fixed : system PATH problem under Windows NT
  • Added a VB5 sample for the ActiveX
  • Added a "Context" menu key and shortcuts
  • Fixed : installation crash in some cases under Win9x
  • Fixed : registration info had to be entered twice
  • Fixed : registration info was reset upon installation
  • Fixed : impossible to interrupt opening of multiple files
  • Fixed : '$t' not working in search and replacement
  • Added Intellimouse support
Added and fixed in V4.3 dated 11 november 2000, 16h30 gmt
  • Fixed : crash when calling SetOptions() from visual basic in EditeurX
  • Added : support for the CSS (cascaded style sheets) syntax
  • Fixed : Alt+F4 opens search dialog instead of closing an open open
  • Fixed : '$t' as a replacing string remains as '$t' instead of translating to a tab
  • Fixed : Alt+Up and Alt+Down not working any longer
  • Fixed : AltGr Keys not working any longer
  • Fixed : in rare cases, Windows won't reboot when path line in autoexec.bat shorter than Editeur path
  • Added extensions for *.shtml, *.cfm, *.xml
  • Added an Autoexec.bat save to Autoexec.bak in installation
  • Fixed : Windows won't boot when both "set PATH=" and "PATH" present in autoexec.bat
  • Fixed : minor syntax bug in ADA
  • Minor EditeurX documentation changes
  • Minor EditeurX installation changes
  • Fixed : right click on file in file explorer + "Send to" doesn't work
  • Fixed : the '|' character cannot be used in search/replace
  • Fixed : no visible help menu for the Editeur ActiveX help ("Ocx.hlp")
  • Fixed : cannot print 1st time when changing orientation from portrait to landscape from within Print dialog
  • Fixed : screen refresh problem on the ends of word wrapped lines
Added and fixed in V4.2 dated 3 May 2000, 18h00 gmt
  • Added availability of the Editeur ActiveX
  • Added the Portuguese language
  • Added the .hpp (C) .js (Java) and C50 (asm) file types
  • Fixed : screen refresh problem on the ends of word wrapped lines
  • Fixed : crash when printing a one line file
  • Fixed : bad handling of the spell check scope
  • Fixed : cursor search scope not memorized
  • Fixed : command line print option problem
Added and fixed in V4.1 dated 3 January 2000, 14h00 gmt
  • Added Editeur in "Send to" folder
  • Fixed : performance problem on long lines
  • Fixed : history lost in search and replace dialogs
  • Fixed : syntax update problem whenever scrolling
  • Added Ctrl+Shift+Tab to reverse walk open files
  • Fixed : Editeur window not restored whenever drag'n dropping files
  • Fixed : Header and footer only printed on first page on network printers
  • Added new "built from scratch" setup program
  • Fixed : minor mnemonic bugs in file menu
  • Added support for the FORTRAN syntax
  • Fixed : minor mnemonic bugs in page setup dialog
  • Fixed : crash when find in files doesn't find anything
  • Fixed : program won't close with Alt+F4 when at least one file open
  • Fixed : Old file reopened at startup after a file name change
  • Added : support for the Russian language (will work on Russian windows only)
  • Fixed : various strings not translated when not running in the same language as Windows
  • Added : multifile handling on the command line
  • Added : multifile drag'n'drop handling
  • Fixed : find in files improvements
  • Fixed : minor bug in replace
  • Fixed : alt key accelerators don't work
  • Fixed : spell checking performance improvement
  • Fixed : Ctl+A is no longer the hotkey to select all
  • Fixed : minor bugs in search and replace dialogs accelerators
  • Fixed : spell check too slow
  • Fixed : can't "Save as..." under the root
  • Fixed : crash when pasting empty string
  • Fixed : double clicking in file open dialog causes some text to be selected
  • Fixed : modified status not reverted to unmodified whenever saving file
  • Fixed : selecting ZERO "files in the history" causes crash in file open
  • Fixed : inverted Alt+Up and Alt+Down accelerators
  • Fixed : file format specified not used whenever saving files
  • Fixed : uninstallation KO when choosing a different installation directory
  • Fixed : highlighted text not used when opening search and replace dialogs
  • Fixed : a file reopened is not brought to the foreground
  • Fixed : special characters in search and replace dialogs won't work
  • Fixed : Alt+up and Alt+down are no longer the hotkeys to undo and redo
  • Fixed : vertical scrolling KO on files with more than 32767 lines
  • Fixed : after diminishing the number of files in the history, the excess files are shown yet
  • Fixed : selected items not following each other in option file filters property page
  • Fixed : update commands still work on files open as read-only
  • Fixed : options dialog won't work on older versions of Windows 95
  • Fixed : update button won't work in file filters dialog
Fixed in V4.0 dated 14 october 1999, 10h30 gmt
  • Fixed : wrong date format (not Windows date short) used in print and print preview
  • Fixed : case functions (uppercase, lowercase, invert, capitalize) do not respect locale
  • Fixed : editeur creates a bad "yourApp.exe" entry in the registry
  • Fixed : bad syntax update and screen refresh on undo and redo
  • Fixed : replacing string limited to size of display in English replace dialog
  • Fixed : void message issued whenever saving to a read-only file
  • Fixed : bad syntax update when saving files under new names
  • Fixed : adding file filters in option dialog won't work
  • Fixed : bad screen refresh upon drag'n'dropping line
  • Fixed : launching a 2d instance when clicking on a 2d file
  • Fixed : crash when printing or previewing using word wrap
  • Fixed : problem in search and replace
  • Fixed : wrong associations in File Explorer

Known bugs with workarounds

  • Q -"I was unable to double click and open any files that contained a space in the path".
  • A - It's a registry problem : using regedit.exe, update HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\txtfile\shell\open\command, replacing %1 by "%1" (between double quotes).

Bugs reported and not fixed yet

  • ...