Download Editeur for Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT4 / 2000 / XP

Standard version is multilingual (interface + help files) English Finnish French Italian Portuguese Russian Swedish, ActiveX version is language neutral with documentation in English
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File Version Size standard version with dictionary files 2341 K standard version with no dictionary files 1977 K ActiveX control version, for developers 1052 K dll's needed for older versions of Windows 1122 K version with all files for cd-rom redistribution 3773 K Darren Hiebert's cTags V5.5.2, with source code 348 K

Download additional Editeur spell checking dictionaries

The unzipped files should be copied to the Editeur installation directory
File Language Size American English 188 K British English 128 K French 122 K German 448 K Italian 52 K

Download Editeur V2.5 for Windows 3.1x and Windows NT 3.51

File Version Size English version for Windows 3.1x 224 K Spell checker V2.5 for Windows 3.1x 274 K English version for Windows NT 3.51 205 K Version franšaise V2.5 pour Windows 3.1x 233 K Correcteur orthographique V2.5 pour Windows 3.1x 434 K Version franšaise V2.5 pour Windows NT 3.51 214 K Versione Italiana per Windows 3.1x 223 K Versione Italiana V2.5 per Windows NT 3.51 205 K

Download EasyCom for Windows

The EasyCom ActiveX control is a Winsock/Telnet communication component. It is intended for VB and VC++ developers to easily add communication capabilities to their applications. Examples of such communication capabilities might include handling and configuration of remote network equipments and servers, and getting information on such systems.


File Version Size EasyCom ActiveX control 309 K

Download XmlWord for Windows (VC++ 5.0 Source Code)

XmlWord is an ActiveX component that affords producing Microsoft Word documents with embedded Excel graphics. The inputs to XmlWord are a Microsoft Word .dot document template and an Xml text file (the Xml structure used is formally described in an Xml schema, and may be considered part of the software). XmlWord runs on any flavor of Windows using Office 97, 2000, or XP, and Internet Explorer 4.72 or more. It may be used directly in Internet Explorer using a script or may be embedded in a container software product.


File Version Size XmlWord ActiveX control 156K