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The voicemail.conf file controls the Asterisk voicemail system. It consists of three or more main contexts. The first context, called [general], sets the system-wide settings for voicemail. It affords defining a template for voicemail messages. These messages can be sent using SMTP and the mailcmd program, and/or directly placed in the voicemail-owner imap-folder.


format=wav                              ; voicemail formats to use. imap takes first only
servermail=nospam@studioware.com        ; who the notification should appear to come from
attach=yes                              ; voicemail as an attachement
maxsecs=180                             ; maximum seconds of a voicemail message
minsecs=2                               ; minimum seconds of a voicemail message to be kept
skipms=3000                             ; milliseconds to skip fwd/bck when ff/rew in message playback
maxsilence=10                           ; seconds of silence to end recording
silencethreshold=128                    ; what we consider silence: the lower, the more sensitive
maxlogins=3                             ; max number of failed login attempst
mailcmd=/usr/sbin/sendmail -t           ; command for outbound e-mail

; Change the from, body and/or subject, variables:
; Additionally, on forwarded messages, you have the variables:
; You can select between two variables by using dialplan functions, e.g.
; Note: The emailbody config row can only be up to 512 characters due to a
;       limitation in the Asterisk configuration subsystem.

emailsubject=[ASTERISK] ${VM_MAILBOX}: nouveau message de ${VM_CIDNUM}

emailbody=Nouveau message :\n\n\tPour  : ${VM_MAILBOX}\n\tDe    : ${VM_CIDNUM}\n\tLe    : ${VM_DATE}\n\tDurée : ${VM_DUR}\n 

emaildateformat=%A, %d %B %Y à %H:%M:%S

; -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
; IMAP configuration settings only
;   These settings are only applicable when Asterisk is compiled with IMAP support.
imapserver=inner.studioware.com ; The address of the IMAP server
;imapflags=ssl          ; Optional flags to pass to the IMAP server in the IMAP mailbox
                        ; name.  For example, setting this to 'ssl' will enable OpenSSL
                        ; encryption, assuming the IMAP libraries were compiled with
                        ; OpenSSL support.
authuser=postmaster     ; The master user to use for connecting to the IMAP server, if
                        ; the server is configured with a single user that has access to
                        ; all mailboxes
authpassword=mysecret   ; master user password
sendvoicemail=yes       ; Allow the user to compose and send a voicemail while inside
                        ; VoiceMailMain() [option 5 from mailbox's advanced menu].
                        ; If set to 'no', option 5 will not be listed.

The second context, called [zonemessages], affords configuring different voicemail zones, which are a collection of time and time zone settings. This context probably does not need any modification. The third [default] and following contextx affords creating one or more groups of voicemail boxes. The syntax to define a voicemail box is :

. . .
mailbox => password,name,email,pager_email,options
  • mailbox is the mailbox number.
  • password is the numeric password that the mailbox owner will use to access her voicemail. If the user changes her password, the system will update this field directly in the file.
  • name is the name of the mailbox owner. The directory uses the text in this field to allow callers to spell usernames.
  • email is the SMTP email address of the mailbox owner. Asterisk can send voicemail notifications (including the voicemail message itself) to the specified email box. The sending requires a working sendmail service.
  • pager_email is the email address of the mailbox owner's pager or cell phone. Asterisk can send a short voicemail notification message to the specified email address.
  • options is a list of options that set the mailbox owner's time zone and override the global voicemail settings. The options are attach, serveremail, tz, saycid, review, operator, callback, dialout, and exitcontext. These options should be in option=value pairs, separated by the pipe character (|). The tz option sets the user's time zone to a time zone previously defined in the [zonemessages] section of voicemail.conf.
  • the imapuser=user option affords entering a voice mail message directly into the locally-configured imap database, using the c-client program, and with no SMTP sending. if also specifying an email as third parameter, the message will also be sent using the program defined in mailcmd, and you might be surprised to get 2 messages instead of 1 in your mailbox.

For a complete explanation of the parameters in the [general] and [zonemessages] contexts, refer to file voicemail.conf itself, which includes very detailed comments.

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